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Here's a blog post I never thought I'd write. Over the past few weeks on Pinterest I've accumulated quite the collection of tattoo pins amongst my usual pretty gold polka dots and perfect Scandinavian interiors. Actual, permanent tattoos; not a henna or a transfer you get free in a packet of Cheetos. Tattoos have never really appealed to me in the past and even earlier this year when my boyfriend decided to get 'inked', I was less than pleased. But now I seem to have developed a full on infatuation for body art - I can almost hear a certain tattooed friend rolling her eyes and thinking "hypocrite" and a certain other, untattooed friend rolling her eyes and thinking "slag tag". I'm not talking huge skull designs that encompass my entire back, or a fallen angel running the length of my arm. No, my Pinterest has been taken hostage by dainty finger tattoos and elegant wrist inscriptions: the Chihuahuas of tattoos - do they even count?! But I have to say, I'm very much hovering in the middle of these two friends: in a perfect world I'd get a tattoo and not worry about the consequences (I mean, I already have this mentality when it comes to ASOS on payday), but there are so many reasons not to.

My biggest influence against tattoos has undoubtedly come from my parents: they would crucify me - and why bite the hand that feeds you, doesn't charge you rent and drives you to and from the station everyday? My dad is pretty old school - he chased my older brother around the garden when he got his ear pierced in the 90s - and despite being almost 24 years old, I just don't know if I can handle the disapproving looks and "we're so disappointed" lectures. Also, it's this 'old school' generation that will be sitting opposite me with a notepad and pen in many an interview to come, I'm sure. It's difficult enough to get a job and with so many candidates to choose from, do I really want to be branding myself as a careless individual with an inability to consider the future? A little research has shown that's how many employers in professional fields consider tattoos. I'd like to think this outlook is on the decline, but imagine not getting a dream job because of a tattoo. That'd be crap.

Tattoos are forevs. Even when your Best Friend 4eva has moved away, gotten married and lost touch, the tattoos you both got when you were 21 are still going to be there plain as day. I've found myself asking this: is a cute design on my index finger going to look as fly when I'm 35, 45, 55? How tacky is that image on my wrist going to look on my wedding day? Not good. Cara Delevinge recently got a lion tattoo on her finer - how crap will that look in 10 years? I like the idea of having a tattoo now, but what about later in life? It's a big, irreversible commitment and I confess I have a tendency of changing my mind about things on a daily basis.

There are so many good reasons not to get tattooed, but I still want one. I still find myself thinking: you only live once. What are your thoughts on tattoos? x


Amazing Amy

Top : Zara | Skirt: Topshop | Shoes: Clarks

I've really managed to drag these holiday photos out a while, haven't I! It's been about three weeks since I got back from Greece, so I promise this is definitely the last holiday-related post. Just another outfit I wore out in the evening in Mykonos - which now seems like a distant memory. Ah, look how tanned I was! I feel like the majority of my going out outfits - and probably most of my outfits in general - are monochrome. Does that make me boring? The versatility of the trend just gets me every time; there's nothing quite like getting your money's worth out of a garment (especially when things like this crop cost £20 for next to no material). But actually, this little top from Zara has come to no end of use this summer. I originally spotted it in the Lakeside store back in February when shopping for a dress for my brother's wedding. My mum talked me out of buying it because 'it's too impractical', but I knew I was going to go home and order it straight away.

Is anyone else as excited as me about 'Gone Girl' being released in cinemas this weekend? Actually, Thursday. But I'm going to see it Friday. My best friend and I are dragging our boyfriends along and I'm finding it difficult to think about anything else. There's also a high chance that Nando's is going to be involved, too. Perfect double date night or what?! I read 'Gone Girl' whilst in Greece and literally could. not. put. it. down. I also took 'If I Stay' away with me, but it's not very long so bought 'Gone Girl' as a last-minute airport purchase. I feel like I've been waiting for this film for years, but it's actually only been a few weeks. Eeeek! Have you read it? What do you think? I've got two of the girls at work onto it now, just so I can TALK to someone about it! x

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Around the World

Shorts : Topshop | Top : Zara | Shoes : Clarks | Necklace: H&M

A fashion-related post on this blog at long last! This is an outfit I wore out one evening in Mykonos. Mykonos has a reputation for being one of the more stylish of the Greek islands, which is not surprising considering it hosts an array of designer shops and boutiques, so it was really nice to get dressed up every evening for dinner and drinks. I have had a massive infatuation with tailored shorts over the summer (I also have a similar pair to these in black from Zara); I dress smartly for work, but trousers were just not happening during our little heatwave, so I stocked up on smart shorts. They're great for work and I love wearing them on nights out for a smart look. It's funny when I think University Natalie would never have considered tailored shorts on a night out - far too conservative! I guess I'm a grown-up now. I feel like these shoes could possibly be Clarks best selling ever?! I worked at the PR agency that represents Clarks earlier in the year and it really forced me to revaluate my opinion of them! Comfortable strappy sandals with a metallic block heel? These were the answer to my summer footwear prayers, and I've seen them (and their lower-heeled alternative) all over the blogs and my newsfeed. Well done Clarks. x

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For the second leg of our trip we jumped on a ferry and headed to the island of Mykonos for four days, which pretty much consisted of lazing around the idyllic beaches all day and wandering around the pretty lanes, drinking wine and continuing to eat amazing food all evening. Mykonos is one of the prettiest places I have ever visited - it's definitely right up there with Venice. Similarly to Venice, Mykonos island is pretty small; it has one main road and takes around 25 minutes to drive from one end to the other. We decided to hire a scooter so we could visit lots of different beaches, which was pretty terrifying/fun. I haven't included too many pictures from our stay here because I basically took about 500 pictures of the same things every day: cute lanes, pretty beaches, food, more beach, more food etc. etc. Some of my favourite dishes from Mykonos: stuffed vine leaves, stuffed tomatoes, zucchini fritters, and grilled feta. Yum! I think a lot of the Greek islands are pretty idyllic looking, I'd love to do Greek island cruise one day and see them all! Over the next few posts I think I'll share some of the outfits I wore whilst I was away - definitely trying to string this holiday out as long as possible! x

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A Few Days in Athens...

I'm back from Greece and oh my God now I'm fat. Carl and I had a lovely holiday which was split into two parts: four days exploring the ancient capital Athens, then another four days relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Mykonos. This was my first ever trip to Greece, and I've fallen in love with the country's history, landscapes and food; a country where goosebumps are never an issue and ordering cheese with every meal is not only acceptable, but actually encouraged. What's not to love?

I've always been really interested in Greek mythology, so an eventual visit to Athens with its legion of ancient temples and museums was inevitable. I'm also not ashamed to admit I've worked my way through the entire Percy Jackson book series in the last couple of months. I was recommended by my seven-year old niece (they're actually quite good!). On first impression, I did find Athens to be a bit rough around the edges (my very handy guidebook describes the city as a 'modern urban sprawl of concrete and traffic'), but as we explored the city and got to know it, I discovered it's actually a really beautiful city with unique architecture, a huge national park, and amazing restaurants. We visited the Acropolis, Zeus' Temple and the Kallimarmaro Stadium. My favourite was Zeus' Temple, which I could have sat and stared at all day. My favourite restaurant in the city was 'Eels', they serve the most amazing halloumi I have every tried (Nandos just does not compare) and fresh bread with a delicious fresh olive spread. Mmmm. I really loved Athens more than I expected to and it was a bittersweet departure, but we were heading to Mykonos which was plenty exciting! x

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