I'm Going on a Summer Holiday...




This year I'm taking a little visit to Gatwick airport not once, not twice, but three times! Aside from the delights of queuing up at the check-in desk, getting fondled by the woman at security, and getting frustratingly tempted by duty-free, this also means I get to go on holiday. Three times! Woo! For the past three years my holiday-fund has been consumed by (supposedly) romantic holidays with Boyfriend, but this year is different. Boyfriend is being moved into the 'family holiday' category, and I'm trading in sunset dinners on the beach for one-euro cocktails and French waiters with one of my best friends. Exciting! Then in August I will be packing for a family-and-boyfriend holiday to my home away from home in España, and Christmas and New Year will be spent with family in South America.

Not only does that mean a collective thirty-two hours spent at 30,000 ft, it also means major bikini obsession. Major. I literally cannot stop buying/lusting after bikinis. The ones I fell in love with, bought, and proceeded to wear all but once last year have now been deposited in my 'meh' box at the back of my wardrobe. Pastel, floral, aztec, and neon strips of elastane - GET IN MY SHOPPING BASKET!

I've picked out some of my favourites here. I've actually already bought the pastel one from River Island. I also really love high waisted bikinis, but they would leave you with some...interesting tan lines!
Have you got a holiday to look forward to this summer? Where are you off to? x

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4 Responses to I'm Going on a Summer Holiday...

  1. I have, I'm going to Algarve in July! The pastel bikini from River Island that you already bought is sooo cute, I love it! This year I've been obsessing about swimsuits I bought one on H&M a few weeks ago and I think I'll probably get those interesting tan lines this summer ahaha xxx

    1. I have noticed a few from H&M that are really nice too. I went to one of their big stores recently and they have SO many. Aw Algarve, so nice! You're so lucky to be from a country where you can plan a holiday and not have to worry about the rain! Haha x

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  3. I love the pastel one. So cute!

    I'm following :)