No7 Fanomenal Lash

No7 Fanomenal Lash £12.95

When I was younger, I used to think that where makeup was concerned, the only difference between one person and another was the colour of the foundation they used; light, medium, or dark. Those were the days when I used my fingers to apply patchy foundation, eyeshadow (that completely wasn't my colour) with a cotton bud, and wear lipgloss from an old issue of Sabrina's Secrets. Basically, I didn't have a clue. And why would I? Nobody ever teaches you this stuff! I've never needed to use algebra since the day I left school, yet makeup is something that I use every single day (and probably will continue to for many years) and I've been left completely to my own devices with it. Perhaps if there was more concentration on makeup application in schools, then we'd have a lot less people waltzing around looking as though they've just stepped off the set of TOWIE. But that's besides the point. Since then, I've learnt there are millions of things that affect our choice of makeup other than the tone of our skin. Makeup is very personal to the individual; what works for one person may not work for another. And that applies to mascara. Some people have long lashes, some people have thick lashes, some people have short lashes, some people have spaced out lashes. Not only do eyelashes vary from person to person, I'm pretty convinced even my own two sets of eyelashes are completely different from eachother! My point is, this review is based on my experience with this mascara, so please don't shout at me if you buy it and it doesn't look the same!

So this is the No7 Fanomenal Lash mascara, dubbed No7's biggest mascara launch of the year (bit rich if you ask me considering they only release one mascara a year). I couldn't take a picture of the brush because my camera wouldn't focus on it, but basically it looks like a fan , or in my opinion, a helter-skelter. I know what you're thinking - oh No7 you absolute jokers with your clever and witty play on words! Har-har! When you go into Boots and open it up to look at the brush, you are going to think 'wtf' because, quite honestly, it looks disgusting. The brush is way overloaded with product and it looks like a caterpillar coated gooey stuff. HOWEVER! This mascara is my favourite ever that I've ever used! Fanomenal lash aims to lengthen lashes, rather than add volume and I can confirm it certainly does that. The unique fan brush helps to seperate the lashes too. After you've used it a few times you'll find the brush isn't quite as gooey and it's easier to use.

Fanomenal Lash retails at £12.95, but with the No7 £5 vouchers you can get it for £7.95. Boots are doing the vouchers at the moment and they're valid until the 15th July. I work in Boots, so I got this one for free but I've since used my voucher to buy another one, I really like this mascara!

Have you tried Fanomenal Lash? What are your thoughts? If not, then what's your favourite mascara? x

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11 Responses to No7 Fanomenal Lash

  1. Wow, it really makes your eyes pop! I'm in two minds about it - do I really need another mascara?! Haha xo

    1. Yes, of course you need another mascara! haha x

  2. it looks really great!
    i never buy high end mascaras cause i think boots ones are just as good

  3. this looks and sounds like a gorgeous product, may need to invest :)xo

  4. Hey. I just read you post and I found it very interesting. I remember when I was a teenager who didn't have a clue about make up and how to use it. I also agree that not every mascara suits your lashes. My lashes are thick so I use a wet formula, which is great because I can build the color and make it stronger. Thank you for this - looking forward to the next one! I wish you a good day! :)

    P.s Your skin is amazing! :O

    xx H

  5. Ohh no! I think you may have just persuaded me to go out and but this mascara and I've only just recently purchased a new one but I suppose a girl can never have too many mascara's :) xx

  6. You are absolutely beautiful Natalie! That mascara really makes your eyes sparkle!

    XOXO Sade

  7. your'e brows are gorgeous and this mascara looks fab! I totally remember Sabrina's magazine! new follower! x