Holiday Snaps

Here are a few snaps from my family holiday in Spain. I had such a lovely time and am majorly suffering from the holiday blues right now! At least it isn't raining here. I only arrived home last night so still a bit strange being home, got lots of things to sort out and I will hopefully be back in a routine with this blog again in no time. I hate being disorganised! x

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9 Responses to Holiday Snaps

  1. Aww lovely photo's! I'm going to Spain tomorrow and seeing these has just made me more excited :) Glad you had a nice time! X

    1. Aw lucky you! It's so hot there right now, went up to 41 degrees one day. Have a fab time x

  2. fantastic blog
    Love, Delia

  3. Lovely photos. I wish I was on holiday now! xx

  4. Looks like you had an amazing time Natalie, I miss your posts! Lovely lovely photos xx

  5. omg the prawns look sooo good. and nice snaps xo
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  8. Oooo where did you go in Spain? I am going to Barcelona soon and am looking for suggestions of what to see / do :) Also looking for a phrase book and the one pictured looks really handy! I guess as it's visual, you can point stuff out to people? x x