Recent Buys

It isn't until you lay everything out on a bed and start taking photos of it (not something I have found myself doing before!) that you realise how much money you've actually spent on clothes! All of these items were bought in the last three weeks or so, it feels like I bought the cross dress so long ago but it was only about three weeks.

Fuengirola Zoo Giftshop. Both 3 euros.
You find the best things in the most unexpected places! I bought these two in the gift shop at a zoo I went to in Spain. I really love them and they were so cheap!

Primark. Silver - £4. Gold - £2.
I don't usually like the jewellery in Primark, but I really liked this silver one. And the gold one was reduced to £2 so I picked that up too.

Top - 15 euros. Skirt - 5 euros (?)
Bought both of these from Bershka in Spain. I really love the peplum top which is almost identical to the Topshop one.

Dress - Glamorous £19.99. Jumper - Primark £8.
Saw this dress on Amy and bought myself one immediately!

Blazer - Primark £15. Blouse - Primark £12.
I have been looking for a blazer in this colour for the longest time, let me tell you. I almost gave in and purchased the extorionately priced River Island one for £65, but Primark saved me at the last minute! It is the perfect dusky coral colour and I love it! And I really liked the French Bulldog print blouse, despite avoiding animal print garments so far (ahem H&M!) but I thought this was really cute.

Jacket - Stradivarius 59.95 euros. Cropped vest - Republic £3.
Yes, I bought THAT jacket. I have been relentlessly searching for the perfect one for ages. I quite liked the River Island version with the rolled up sleeves, but when I saw this in a shop window when wandering through the Spanish lanes, I begged my dad if we could go back the next day so I could buy it (this was during the siesta and shops didn't open again until 5pm). I love the stud detailing and the arms are soooo soft on the inside. I bought the top because I'm a sucker for leopard print and it was only £3 in the sale!

Life has been pretty uneventful although I do have two of my cousins from South America living with me at the moment which is fun, but I have a massive amount of reading to finish before returning to uni in a few weeks. Literally locking myself away and not talking to anyone. Sad times! x

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5 Responses to Recent Buys

  1. Oh lordy! Hello gorgeous beauitful new items, that are making me dribble at the mouth because I want them all <3 x

  2. i really love you blog and thats why I just tagged you in the liebster blog awards

  3. i know this looks the same as my pervious comment but i have nominate you for another award!

    i really love your blog thats why i nominated you for the versatile blogger award

  4. ah this is all such nice stuff!:) especially the jacket (and the jumper, we should get everyone buying jumpers in august!) thanks for your great comment, I can't believe I'd never seen your blog before as I love it, one of my instant favourites!:)xo

  5. so nice stuff. Love the leather parker and the DRESS! :)