Shine Bright

Yesterday an interesting email popped up in my inbox from Lauren of Arena Media inviting me to take part in a little styling competition run by Jenny Craig. The brief: concoct an outfit for the festive season centered around your perfect LBD. This was pretty easy for me because, although I'm going to be away for Christmas and New Year (and I'm not really sure what my plans are for either days), I have still spent a considerable amount of time envisaging the outfit I would be wearing if I were to roll up outside some swanky London club this December 31st.

I immediately knew it would be THIS dress. I have been loving this dress from afar ever since I saw it on the 'what's new' page. The loose fit is complimented by it's teeny weeny length; I think a loose, short dress that puts long legs on full display is much more flattering than a plunging neckline or a so-tight-I-can-see-your-pantyline bodycon. And look at that racer back. There's no way you're getting away with a bra under this number. The dress of course needs to be accompanied by massive heels because...well, just because and this chunky pair from Office are perfect. I would accentuate the daintiness of the ankle strap with the frilly socks so the chunkiness isn't too...chunky. I've chosen understated gold/cream jewellery to keep the focus on the dress - but can we just take a minute to appreciate the Marc Jacobs bangles? Ahhh. If you don't fancy forking out £60 for one, then check out the replicas on eBay (via Victoria) which are really pretty and a fraction of the price. The hair needs to be in a sleek updo to show off the back of the dress, but it needs to be BIG. The bigger, the better.

So there we have it! Although I'm very excited to be going away on Friday (I'm spending Christmas with family in Colombia), I do feel kind of sad that I won't be wearing this outfit come New Years. What are your plans for NYE (is it too early to be asking that? Haven't even had Christmas yet!) x

ps. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY! #happybirthdaytome

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  1. Love the trousers www.adoramehitabel,

  2. Love the dress & happy birthday! xx