Funky Song, Funky Song

| Leather Jacket : Colombia | Dress : River Island | Shoes : Timeless via ASOS | Belt : Primark |

I've had the same biker jacket since I was sixteen years old and I, quite literally, loved it to death; the fake leather had begun to flake off in parts, the zip was broken, the buckle was broken and it just looked a bit...shit. So when I went to Colombia, I was on a mission to get a new, real leather jacket. I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it and after a little too-ing and fro-ing (another shopper couldn't decide whether she wanted it or not, but carried it around the shop for AGES because she knew I was desperate - this resulted in my auntie harassing her until we decided to go for lunch and come back later), I eventually got my paws on it and I love it...but I'll try not to love to death.

I've always been a bit undecided about the whole trainer wedge thing, but with London Fashion Week coming up and not knowing what to wear I eventually decided to climb upon that bandwagon and bought these from ASOS. It was a pretty good barg in the end because they were already reduced from £55 to £40 plus I got 30% student discount so only paid £28! Savvy student at its best! I also bought this pair because I was unsure, but the snakeskin really won me over when they arrived and these are chunkier than the others SO...that's the story behind those! I love how the wedge is literally only like an inch and a half which makes them perfect casual wear for me because I always get really conscious about being too tall when wearing heels during the day (but for some reason I always go by 'the taller the better' on nights out?!).

What do you think about trainer wedges? Love/hate? x

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5 Responses to Funky Song, Funky Song

  1. Loving a bit of tie dye! I not one for wedged trainers but i'm loving these ones!! x

  2. Pretty dress!
    Katie xx

  3. such a lovely outfit!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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