Fairy Princess Phone Case

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My phone has never been much of a pocket dweller; whether I'm tweeting, texting, instagramming or feeding my Hatchi, my phone is always glued to my hand and out in the open where (critically) people can see it. This means I always like to have an interesting, eye-catching phone case which also suits my flamboyant, over the top, ridiculously girly tendencies - no small feat I can assure you.

However, I found THE phone case OF MY DREAMS when I came across this little gem from Advanced Accessories whilst browsing eBay. What screams "I AM A FAIRY PRINCESS" better than the Eiffel Tower, a golden ballerina and a pumpkin carriage all rolled into one topped with pearls and diamontes? NOTHING! This is the most fabulous and over the top phone case I have ever seen - just the way I like it - and I literally bought it straight away there and then. From a (slightly) more understated, perfectly pretty Bow and Diamonte style to a completely garishly girly, in-ya-face bubblegum pink Barbie case, Advanced Accessories have over four hundred cases and cater for iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, Nokia and iPods. What's more is they're a UK based company which means you don't have to wait forever for your sparkly new case to be shipped from China AND it's free delivery. When my case arrived they'd also included a screen wipe, a screen protector and an extra diamonte that plugs in the headphone jack for extra bling - who doesn't love a freebie?!

I understand that this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but what do you think?? x

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