New Shoooooooz

Let's just take a minute to appreciate the beauty of my new shoesies, the Jeffrey Campbell Brazens. Ahhh. Aren't they wonderful? I first spotted them on the Office website way back in December and quite fancied them straight away. Now, it's quite against my nature to ignore a pretty pair of shoes when they catch my eye, but I couldn't justify spending almost half my monthly wage on one pair of shoes. I must be growing up and finally developing that sense of 'money management' that my parents keep banging on about, or something. So when I saw they were reduced to £50 a few weeks ago, I was so excited I bought two pairs (in different sizes, of course).

Throughout university, I've had one pair of shoes which have suffered many a student night on the sticky floors of various dingy nightclubs. They were comfy, versatile, and - in true student fashion - dirt cheap. Now they're just plain dirty: scuffed, battered and covered in God knows what. I have my final university hand-in tomorrow, so as a fully fledged mature woman with a degree (almost), I decided it was time for a grown up pair of shoes to go with my shiny new persona.

These babies tick all my high-heeled boxes: quirky, chunky, and six-inches high. I think I'm going to wear them to my university Summer Ball next week, paired with a skin tight bodycon dress and a ton of chunky jewellery.

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3 Responses to New Shoooooooz

  1. I would have never thought to have paired them with frilly socks!