Leopard Lovin'

There are two things I find hard to resist in this life (aside from fast food, but we already established that in my last post): leopard print and studs. When the two are combined, well, that's just a Paypal transaction waiting to happen. I never used to be much of a shoe person; throughout university I pretty much lived in my Converse and I owned one pair of trusty black wedges for nights out, but since graduating I just can't resist a pretty pair of pumps. Welcome the latest addition to my collection: the Jeffrey Campbell Martini flats in Leopard print. I have recently been buying more flats/low heel shoes than ever before. Maybe I'm finally conceding to my parent's perception of 'sensible'? Hm, pretty all the same.

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3 Responses to Leopard Lovin'

  1. Ahh they're so pretty!


  2. hiii natalie!! these shoes are so cute, and so is your bloggie!! I'm your newest follower on Bloglovin' :-) Hope you like my blog and you can follow back!!