Candle Shopping and Such

I've always found there's an undeniable tranquility about garden centres. I don't know if it's the sweet scented candles or the serene background music...or perhaps it's the higher levels of oxygen from all the indoor plants making me feel a bit light-headed. Either way, a little wander around the garden centre with my best friend browsing all things materialistic and unneccessary (read: pretty stationary, pretty candles, pretty bedroom bits), lunch and a hot chocolate seemed like the perfect way to spend the morning after a fourteen hour shift yesterday. Of course, I took my camera.

I confess: the main reason I ventured to the garden centre (the very same one my parents had to pratically drag me to during the summer holidays as a child) was that I knew they had Yankee Candles. On sale. I picked up 'Warm Spice' after thoroughly (and quickly) enjoying 'Vanilla Cupcake'. I'm pretty late to the party when it comes to scented candles, so please let me know if you have any favourites. I love anything sickly sweet! I also bought this mug for about £2 because it reminds me of Chanel No.5. It will go on display somewhere in my room when I've thought of something to put in it (suggestions?). Finally I bought a cardboard 'N' with the intention of getting a bit creative with tissue paper and the ol' PVA glue. Whether or not that will ever actually happen is yet to be seen. Standard Natalie behaviour.

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10 Responses to Candle Shopping and Such

  1. Stunning pictures x

  2. It's so weird when we love going to places that we used to get dragged too as a child! I love that mug and im a big fan of yankie candles myself! I got given a Christmas eve one as a Christmas present!

    What a cute little blog! First time I've visted and i'm sure i'll visit again soon x

    Jess x
    Feel free to drop by anytime xxxx

  3. Great photographs! I love the mug, it's so lovely. I'm obsessed with candles but I haven't found Yankee candles where I live :/

    Caitlin | Oceanic Stars

  4. That shop looks so pretty! Love that mug, def reminds me of Chanel too
    Daniella x

  5. Love all of the photos! Garden Centres are so peaceful, there is one near where I live and it has three owls which live in the middle of it, its so cute

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    I'm a new blogger and would love it if you could check out my blog and maybe even give it a follow? :) x

  7. Awesome blog! Super liked it
    I'm following you on blogloving

  8. Love this post! Your photos are so beautiful and I am SO jealous that you've managed to find a sale in Yankee Candles! I've been meaning to buy a couple for myself, but I've never actually got to actually getting them yet, haha, so needless to say, this post makes me want them even more!
    Anyway, your blog is amazing! I've nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger Award that you can find here: Hope you check it out! :)

    Jenny xx