Dreamy Denim

Dress: Topshop | Stripy Crop: Miss Selfridge | Boots: Dorothy Perkins

The most inconceivable incident took place right in the middle of my outfit pictures today; the sun began to shine. After weeks of grey clouds and drizzle flood-inducing downpours, the sun put his hat on just in time to mess up the lighting for my photos. How inconsiderate. Weather-related gripes aside though, this is what I wore when I popped into town with Mama Bear today - if you understand 'pop into town' to mean going with the intention of refunding a couple of bits but then browsing for 6 hours and coming home with more than I went out with, then yes, that's exactly what we did. And it was awesome.

The premature Spring-like sunshine persuaded me to head out sans 50lbs coat, which turned out to be a mistake. Brr. My efforts to layer up with this long sleeved stripy top were futile, but I'd do it all again for the sake of wearing this dress! My new Topshop-flavoured infatuation: the denim shift dress of dreams. Dreeeaamy. I must admit, I bloody love a shift dress - and not only because it's my unremitting mission to morph into (faux) 60s sexy Megan Draper - I just think they're so flattering and you can stuff yourself with cake in the M&S cafe until your heart's content and no one will be any the wiser. Winning combo.

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14 Responses to Dreamy Denim

  1. That looks like the perfect denim dress, love that you've put a top under it x


  2. You look great! Love how you worked the denim dress with stripes and white shoes.


  3. The dress is gorgeous, love how you've paired it with the boots! I love your hair too!


  4. The boots are cute and your hair is lovely :)


  5. Oh my gosh that dress is so cute I love it! I also love those boots!


  6. man oh man do i love denim dresses, and i really like how you layered a striped shirt underneath. that little detail really made it pop! and haha i hate when the sun decides to peek out JUST the moment you decide to take photos and mess everything up. though having a bit of sunshine is better than having a downpour ;)

    xo marlen
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    1. That's true - I shouldn't complain about the sunshine!

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  8. Okay, first of all I love everything about this post. 1. Returning stuff and coming out with more purchases is always a win-win. 2. Your dress is so chic, and you look gorgeous (love your hair). 3. The fact that you made a Mad Men reference, and that too to Megan Draper is like triple thumbs up!!! :D

  9. Awesome look, that dress is just something else

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