Tats and That

Here's a blog post I never thought I'd write. Over the past few weeks on Pinterest I've accumulated quite the collection of tattoo pins amongst my usual pretty gold polka dots and perfect Scandinavian interiors. Actual, permanent tattoos; not a henna or a transfer you get free in a packet of Cheetos. Tattoos have never really appealed to me in the past and even earlier this year when my boyfriend decided to get 'inked', I was less than pleased. But now I seem to have developed a full on infatuation for body art - I can almost hear a certain tattooed friend rolling her eyes and thinking "hypocrite" and a certain other, untattooed friend rolling her eyes and thinking "slag tag". I'm not talking huge skull designs that encompass my entire back, or a fallen angel running the length of my arm. No, my Pinterest has been taken hostage by dainty finger tattoos and elegant wrist inscriptions: the Chihuahuas of tattoos - do they even count?! But I have to say, I'm very much hovering in the middle of these two friends: in a perfect world I'd get a tattoo and not worry about the consequences (I mean, I already have this mentality when it comes to ASOS on payday), but there are so many reasons not to.

My biggest influence against tattoos has undoubtedly come from my parents: they would crucify me - and why bite the hand that feeds you, doesn't charge you rent and drives you to and from the station everyday? My dad is pretty old school - he chased my older brother around the garden when he got his ear pierced in the 90s - and despite being almost 24 years old, I just don't know if I can handle the disapproving looks and "we're so disappointed" lectures. Also, it's this 'old school' generation that will be sitting opposite me with a notepad and pen in many an interview to come, I'm sure. It's difficult enough to get a job and with so many candidates to choose from, do I really want to be branding myself as a careless individual with an inability to consider the future? A little research has shown that's how many employers in professional fields consider tattoos. I'd like to think this outlook is on the decline, but imagine not getting a dream job because of a tattoo. That'd be crap.

Tattoos are forevs. Even when your Best Friend 4eva has moved away, gotten married and lost touch, the tattoos you both got when you were 21 are still going to be there plain as day. I've found myself asking this: is a cute design on my index finger going to look as fly when I'm 35, 45, 55? How tacky is that image on my wrist going to look on my wedding day? Not good. Cara Delevinge recently got a lion tattoo on her finer - how crap will that look in 10 years? I like the idea of having a tattoo now, but what about later in life? It's a big, irreversible commitment and I confess I have a tendency of changing my mind about things on a daily basis.

There are so many good reasons not to get tattooed, but I still want one. I still find myself thinking: you only live once. What are your thoughts on tattoos? x

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