Jubilee Weekend

Jubilee Weekend
Over the weekend it seemed that, for four days straight, everytime I walked into the living room the Queen would be on the television. At first it was nice and I felt somewhat patriotic looking at little Queenie in her hat and what-not, but it soon got a bit tedious. Especially when I was trying to play Sims while my mum was watching the boat pagent in that God-awful weather and exclaiming "oh look Nat! There she is!" or "ahhh doesn't Kate look nice" every few minutes. However, now that it's all over and the Queen has retreated back into her four (or 200) walls until her Christmas Day speech, I do miss it a little bit.

It was my mum's birthday over the weekend, on the Monday. Her name is Elizabeth and she certainly operates an absolute monarchy in our household! So what better way to celebrate her birthday than with a Jubilee themed party. In true British style, it rained. But that was ok because I opted to stay inside while the men were left to operate the barbecue in the rain. We decorated the garden in bunting, made Jubilee cupcakes, drank Pimms and ate...err...paella. It was bloody spiffing! Although, in the evening I was absolutely kicking myself for not going to the concert - how amazing was that?!

How did you celebrate the Jubilee? x

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