A Fresh Start


A Fresh Start
Welcome to Just a Thought version 2.0; a continuation of my old blog, justa-thought.co.uk. I decided to make the move over to blogger for a number of reasons, predominantly the extortionate renewal cost for the old server. Unfortunately this means I will lose everything on my old blog, which I am absolutely gutted about, but I'm looking at it as a fresh start, like the first page of an excerise book in school; nice, neat, new. Although I do prefer using WordPress, hopefully I will get used to Blogger in no time! x

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2 Responses to A Fresh Start

  1. Hey Ive just been reading your blog, I really enjoyed it!!! your france pics are great!! Im a new blogger, so if you have any tips, please do let me know!!! :) im now following!! xxx, T


    1. Thank you so much! Just always be yourself, that's the best advice because otherwise you wont enjoy it. Good luck! x