LFW Day 3

Top: Zara
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: ASOS
Hat: Topshop
Tights: Boots

I think this is my favourite of my three Fashion Week outfits. I saw this top in Zara last week and literally bought it right there and then! I love the rolled up sleeves and the stud detail along the arm *drools*. I absolutely love the military trend; I much prefer to dress a little edgier rather than girly so this is right up my street! I saw the skirt in H&M months ago and although I really liked it, I never bought it. When I saw the Zara top I knew I needed this skirt to go with it - and luckily they had ONE left hidden at the back of the store! Obviously it was meant to be. I've had the shoes for a little while but I've only worn them once or twice because they make me too tall. I don't like towering over everyone else, so they're not ideal daytime wear for me. Perfect for Fashion Week though, where 'the taller, the better' is rule #1!

So I'm done at Fashion Week for this season, I'm so sad to not be going back! Stupid inconvenient degree! I've got tonnes of Street Style photos for the magazine though - now I have the mammoth task of sieving through all my pictures, typing up all my notes, and starting my feature to be submitted next week! I'll definitely link the Street Style Blog when it's up! I'd like to thank my beautiful cousin for being my 'assistant' throughout the weekend! She took all my outfit photos for me too which is a refreshing change to my tripod, which can be very frustrating! I'll do a Fashion Week Roundup post sometime this week too, I just need to get back into my routine at uni first! x

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21 Responses to LFW Day 3

  1. Glad you had a lovely time at LFW! Another lovely outfit! Looking forward to seeing your snaps from LFW too :)

    indiansummeronline.blogspot.com X

  2. I really like the outfit, especially with the addition of the hat! And LFW sounded like fun, I wish I went to NYFW maybe next year...

  3. I adore this skirt, I kept meaning to buy it and just totally forgot! The boots and top are gorgeous x

  4. wow! glad you had a fab time at LFW!! i just love your style and blog - deffo following you :) xx


  5. this is such an amazing outfit! i love the top, it was definitely fate like you said :) xx

  6. A lot of love for this outfit :) Totally love the military trend :)

  7. love this outfit - the top is brilliant no wonder you had to snap it up immediately! x

  8. I love the boots! are they still available on asos? I will definitely check them out

    I would love if you entered my giveaway:)
    Pick Your Own Silver Charm Bracelet Giveaway-Internationally Open

    1. Thanks :) I don't know if they will still be available anymore, I bought them a while ago and they were in the sale too! x

  9. Wow I absolutely love the top, it's gorgeous! xx

  10. I love your top! I hope Zara still has them in. I'm so jealous you went to LFW, it can't be anything less than AMAZING!

    Just Smile.

  11. such a lovely top! And wonderful that you got this change to go to lfw!

  12. such a cool outfit :) love your blog! x

  13. Just found your blog and I am loving your style!!
    This outfit is perfect! I have fallen in love with your boots!!
    Happy to be your newest follower!! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  14. SO pretty! Your blog is so lovely too! xo


  15. Love the top & how you styled it with leather. Great blog! xx


  16. Massive shoe envy, they're so nice! Just stumbled across your blog, i'm loving your outfit posts!


  17. Cute outfit! Love it :) xxx