Winter Coat Love

As I sit here looking out the window at the God-awful weather that has encompassed us today, I'm forced to accept that summer is well and truly over. There's no point in trying to frantically cling on to the surprisingly warm weather we've had in the last week or so. It's gone. Now, I do like Autumn; after a couple of months of donning shorts and vests, I'm more than ready to embrace the layering and the lovely tan and khaki colours that Autumn has to offer. However, it seems that as soon as we're settled into our Autumn wardrobes and got the hang of it all again, Winter rears its ugly, unwelcome head. There is nothing I hate more in this world than being cold (even spiders come second place to frosty, rainy mornings). Winter literally makes me want to cry and I am absolutely convinced that the only reason Christmas exists is as compensation for the harsh winter months and to stop people losing the will to live.

Winter Harmony

I've been preparing myself for the inevitable frost with two of my favourite and most trusted fashion databases: Polyvore and LookBook. I love the nude tones of this winter set from Polyvore and I loooove the boyfriend style coats of the LookBooks, especially the Romwe one in the first look (unfortunately no longer in stock, of course). I had a little browse through my favourite highstreet online stores and found this from Topshop. This nude boyfriend fit coat is a beautiful combination of both the Poly and the LookBooks and the jersey lining adds that much more warmth to it. It's sooooo perfect <3 #lovelovelove


I tried convincing my boyfriend to buy this for me because I quite simply need it to surivive the winter (both warmth-wise and fashion-wise), but unfortunately he simply suggested that I make more use of the faux fur leopard print from Zara that I also needed last year...

Ahhh someone buy me this! What coats have you got your eye on for this winter? x

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5 Responses to Winter Coat Love

  1. That Topshop coat is gorgeous! I keep thinking about one of those jackets witht he leather sleeves, but not convinced that it's me! :L

  2. I've got my eye on a dark blue (with brown leather collar) Topshop coat, i've been putting myself off from buying it for so long because i don't want Summer to be over!

    XOXO Sade

  3. Love the one of the far right, quite masculine but love the tailored look atm xxx

  4. As much as I love ths sunny weather I always get excited to buy a new winter coat ;) Love the last 'boyfriend' coat


  5. I love all three of these outfits. Especially the middle one.
    I'm afraid I'll need to make do with my duffle coat from year unless someone treat me :( Nude seems to be my favourite tone whatever time of year it is! Do you have a summer palette?

    le fresne x