Crystal Sun

Cardigan - Topshop | Blouse - Primark | Disco Pants - AA | Shoes - eBay | Necklace - eBay

Have I really not posted for over a week? I've been super busy so it's completely zoomed past. Last weekend my boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary which was so nice, next year is a bit of a milestone (5 years!) so I'm expecting something along the lines of dinner on a rooftop over looking the Eiffel Tower ;). I headed to Canterbury on Wednesday for my bestfriend's 21st birthday (love her!) which was eventful to say the least! It was so much fun though, despite the 3 hour train journey home with a hangover. Then yesterday I worked for Hairdressers Journal at Salon International (this is the outfit I wore). I worked there once before, but this time it was super, super busy! I was just doing some Street Style like I did at London Fashion Week, but it's a bit more of a challenge at Salon as everyone is less flamboyant and less...attention seeking. It was really fun though and I finally purchased a Tangle Teezer for only £5 - AND it's leopard print! On top of that I've been spending 6 hours-a-day in the library doing dissertation research - I'm really pleased to be having an evening on the sofa watching Made In Chelsea with the girls! x

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16 Responses to Crystal Sun

  1. woah man you've been super busy!
    love the blouse.. i musta missed it in primark this week!xx

  2. those shoes are ammmazing! and so is the pretty blouse :) and wow for the anniversary with your boyfriend, so cute! x

  3. your shoes are the cutest thing! x

  4. aw, hope your anniversary was amazing :) you look gorgeous by the way, love the way you've styled your disco pants!

    lets drive far away

  5. You really have been busy!
    I really like your shoes, the pink platform is so cute.

  6. oh my god, feel your pain with the dissertation research! massive stress. but you're doing it much more stylishly than me :) love the outfit - those shoes are so cool xxx

    1. Haha! I've been stressing so much, decided to take a break and just chill today but feeling pretty guilty about it now haha x

  7. lovely! xx

  8. Lovely outfit :) I love it all. The shoes are super amazing- BEAUT <3

  9. Such good styling! Love the outfit and the shirts cute!
    Xxx following :)

  10. Such a great outfit - love the burgundy accents! x

  11. Love those shoes and that cardigan! Gorgeous outfit xx

  12. cute look