Dear Father Christmas...

I can't believe I didn't blog for the whole of November! I have been completely inundated with uni deadlines and I literally cannot wait to finish for Christmas now! Just 11 days, two exams and one more essay before I can chillll outtttt.

I've given myself the evening off and spent some time compiling a little wishlist whilst hugging my hot water bottle and munching a Terry's Chocolate Orange. My family aren't doing Christmas presents this year because we're going on holiday to spend Christmas and New Year with our family in Colombia instead - and it's going to be warmmmm! However, it is my birthday this month so there is still need for a wishlist.

1. I have absolutely fallen in love with both these pairs of boots; I love the cut out detail and buckles on the Adonis2, but the chunky heels on the Abyss are sooo nice! I think I slightly prefer the Adonis because the heel isn't as high, and at 5'10 you have to be careful when it comes to daytime footwear! Ahhh they're so, so nice!

2. I spent a lot of time considering both the Naked and Naked2 Urban Decay palettes this morning (when I was in the library). After texting my best friend, she linked me to this website which compares both palettes and helped me decide that I absolutely NEED the original Naked Palette #plzplzplzplz

3. I've read really great reviews of the Sigma F80 Kabuki brush on a few beauty blogs now and it seems to give great results. Need!

4. I've suppressed my love for Black Milk leggings for the longest time now, but these Galaxy Rainbow Leggings are out of this world (ahah-ahah). The print is actually taken from NASA photographs of Orion Nebula, situated south of Orion's Belt k HOW COOL IS THAT?! </geek>.

5. Finally, the Mulberry Daria Pouch which is soooooo cute! There is absolutely zero chance of me getting this purse, but I've liked it for a long time so I thought I'd include it!

What are you hoping for this Christmas? Don't forget to link your wishlists in your comment! x

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6 Responses to Dear Father Christmas...

  1. You definitely need the galaxies. Mine have served me so well! They make the blandest of days fabulous! I had the acton boots from topshop which were similar but the quality was really bad so it was an unfortunate return!


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    1. I really want the leggings! They've been out of stock for ages now though so I doubt they will be back in before my birthday :( x

  2. In love with the Black Milk leggings <3

    Pastel Bokeh

  3. the adonis boots are definitely on my christmas wishlist, I love them!:) I'd love to own the naked palette too!xx

    1. They're so cool! Saw them in store the other day and now I want them even more ahah x

  4. I love those leggings! And love the Adonis boots, I think classic black boots like these with a small heel look great for the daytimes
    Daniella x