My Beautiful New Camera Satchel

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When I think of a camera bag, I tend to think of something like this; practical, durable, convenient...but let's be honest, it's not winning any style awards. I bought my Nikon way back in September and although I absolutely love it to death, I have neglected my responsibility to provide it with a nice, comfy bag to live in. I've basically been lugging it around in the box it came in (not exactly convenient) or carefully placing it in your run-of-the-mill handbag (not exactly safe). However, if you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen me very excitedly post a picture of this little beauty last week.

It wasn't until I searched 'Camera Satchel' into eBay that I found there are a whole host of cute, stylish camera bags in a range of colours perfect for the more fashion conscious photographer (although I would hardly refer to myself as a photographer - auto mode all the way!). I bought this one for about £33 and it was delivered for free all the way from China in just six days. On eBay it looks like a kind of coral-pinky colour, but when it arrived I was pleased to see it's actually a lovely eye-catching bright red. It's perfectly padded inside and has two separate compartments for the lense and the body, and it has a convenient pocket under the flap which is the perfect size for my purse. It's not leather despite being advertised as leather on eBay, but it looks pretty real and I did think £33 was quite cheap for real leather! It came with a little tassel but I thought it looked a bit rubbish so I took it off, but I I'm keeping my eyes peeled for something else to hang on it to make it a bit unique. I'm absolutely thrilled with my camera bag and cannot wait to take it on it's first proper outing to London Fashion Week next month! x

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9 Responses to My Beautiful New Camera Satchel

  1. This is so pretty! Definitely in need of a pretty camera bag like this, will need to give eBay a try!

  2. This so nice! If I get a nice camera one day, I'll have to get something like this to go with it.
    Katie xx

    1. If you do get one, think ahead and don't be left without a bag for months like I was! Haha so annoying x

  3. This bag is so cute and I love the red colour :) xx

  4. love the colour!
    Nominating you for the Leibster Award! Check my blog for instructions on what to do! Xx

  5. That's so cute

  6. that is so gorgeous! love the colour :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  7. I'm in love with this. I throw on a little bookbag or just put my camera in my purse. This is perfect! X