Puma Pumps

| Puma Pumps - Urban Outfitters £9 down from £30 |

Every year I go shopping in the sales after Christmas, and every year I end up getting frustrated with the mess and end up wasting all my Christmas giftcards on rubbish that I never wear. This year I decided to keep well away from the shops in a bid to simultaneously save my sanity and and my giftcards. However, January is such a long month and, really, how long is a girl expected to go without a little online browsing? Eventually I ended up buying a few bits in the online sales - sales without the stress and mess = easy browsing and well thought out purchases (kind of). Now, in the past I've always been a go-high-or-go-home kind of girl when it comes to heels, but over time this has resulted in an abundance of super high heels that are in no way suitable for daytime wear. So when I saw these adorable sparkly puma pumps in Urban Outfitters and at just £9 (!!!) I immediately purchased them. They're really different from anything else I have so I'm excited to wear them :)

Did you get any bargains this month? x

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3 Responses to Puma Pumps

  1. Wow, what a great find! I love cats so anything to do with cats and I'm sold! :) Brilliant saving made too! x x

  2. Gorgeous! I've wanted these for ages but we don't have UO in my country and never found them whenever I went abroad! Such a bargain price too :) xx

    Pastel Bokeh

  3. I have these in the purple colour! So pretty glittery though.
    Katie xx