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This has been both a good and a bad week for me; I went to the opticians at the beginning of the week and was told I have an eye infection caused by my contact lenses and had to wear an EYE PATCH for a whole day! In the picture I was also locked out my flat AND it was raining. I was not pleased (treated myself to Dominos that evening ;)). I've also been massively stressing with uni work and the impending dissertation; third year certainly is as stressful/busy/difficult as everyone says (and more so). But the week started to look up with the grand opening of a brand new Nandos in the town where I go to university - RIGHT AT THE END OF MY ROAD! Goodbye money. I got my results back for last semester which I was super pleased with and this kind of spurred me on and I finally made a bit of a breakthrough with my dissertation. Then I went out last night for my friend's birthday which was super fun! I love my friends! I channeled my inner cat woman in AA Disco Pants and a crop top from Missguided. I've spent today feeling a bit iffy and cuddling up on the sofa with my boyfriend - what else are Sundays for!

This week is going to be pretty boring with as much time as possible spent in the library! Have you got any exciting plans this week? x

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