I Heart Mom Jeans

When I dragged my mum into the Topshop changing rooms to show her my most recent obsession, she looked at me quizzically and asked her usual question: "What are you going to wear those with?". I can understand her misunderstanding: 'fashionable' is not the first word that springs to mind at the mention of Mom Jeans - try #unflattering, #frumpy, #oldfashioned. HOWEVER, these jeans were THE JEANS of the nineties and according to the likes of Rihanna and Rita Ora, 2013 is the new nineties. Mom Jeans (known simply as 'jeans' when they first did the rounds about 20 years ago), were worn by every fabulously fashionable female - think Kelly Kapowski, Hilary Banks, Topanga Lawrence and you're on the right tracks.

"Uh, with EVERYTHING" - my usual retort when my mother doesn't give me the validation I'm looking for. In the end I bought them and I've worn them almost constantly for the past few weeks. I've come to discover that, actually, you can pretty much wear them with everything. Huzzah! So here are a few ways I'd style my bleach acid wash Topshop Mom Jeans (because those are the ones I bought and are obviously the best ones).

Look One : Bag | Shoes | Top | Necklace

I love a bit of colour blocking and will wear it whenever I can, so this cropped t-shirt is perfect. I also have an obsession with the ever popular see-through handbags. Do you think I'd get away with not having to put my lip gloss in a clear plastic bag if I went through airport security with one of these handbags? This would be a good look for casual drinks, or, depending on how cropped the top is, maybe for the office with a white blazer thrown over the top! (A fashionable office, that is).

Look Two : Vest | Backpack | Shirt | Brogues

This is a full on, quirky nineties-kid look. Channel your inner Cory Matthews with a shirt and vest jumper combo. And how nineties is this bag?! Very Clarissa Explains it All-esque (remember how cool her bedroom was?!). I love referencing all the nineties television shows I used to watch.

Look Three : T-Shirt | Backpack | Beanie | Trainers

This is a more laid back look, perhaps the kind of look one should employ for a library session. The library is a very unpredictable place: you can go in there thinking you just need to proof-read your dissertation, then six hours later find yourself pulling your hair out over the restructuring of an entire chapter. Basically, expect the unexpected and dress casually and comfortably. Also, how amazing is this bag? This is definitely the kind of bag I could have done with at uni!

So there's three ways to style Mom Jeans. What do you think of fashion's new fixation? To Mom Jean, or not to Mom Jean? x

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4 Responses to I Heart Mom Jeans

  1. I love all of the outfits you've put together, especially numbers 1 & 3 -- the transparent satchel is amazing!



  2. Love these looks- those docs in 2 are amazing, definitely my favourite outfit! xx

  3. I wish I had the figure for mom jeans! Lovng that clear satchel.