Long Live

Top: Topshop | Skirt: Miss Selfridge | Shoes: Peacocks (RIP) | Necklace & Handbag : Primark

A final outfit from my holiday. I bought this skirt last year after falling in love with it on the website. Then dipped hem skirts/dresses/everything got really popular and I stopped wearing it, but I thought it was nice to take on holiday. I've debated selling it a few times, but I just think it's too pretty! On the subject of selling things, I've recently joined Depop, which is a really easy way of selling/trading unwanted clothes. You can download the app onto your phone, take a picture and upload it straight to the site where you can either sell it at a set price or have people make you offers. It's really easy to use and it's an alternative to eBay (minus the selling fees!). I haven't put anything on there yet, but I have a black sack full of clothes that I ordered during the dreaded last month or so of uni and never returned so I'm planning to upload some things soon!

This week I bought a desk for my room. This sounds really boring, but I was actually really excited about bringing some organisation into my life. When I was at uni I was super organised with everything (apart from library loans - hello £134 fine!), but since finishing and moving back home I've found all of that has kind of gone out the window! For example, I misplaced my glasses for like a month and forgot to order new contact lenses, so for the last few weeks I've been squinting a lot and suffering from headaches. Plus I find it really difficult to be productive when I'm working on my bed/sofa (usually turns into nap time). I've seen a few blogs do posts about their 'blogging space', so I might do something like that when it's all finished/organised again.

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3 Responses to Long Live

  1. Yay for a new desk! Some people would probably say that it's stupid, but I don't mind shopping for furniture or home decorations :)

  2. Such a pretty outfit.
    Love it.