You Are My Sunshine

So it's now been nearly six weeks since ASOS announced its partnership with Primark and the budget retailer became available online for the first time. The discovery proved to be a very exciting, yet very dangerous one (mostly exciting though). Primark is probably the most stressful place to shop, EVER. It's always crammed full of people, it's so unbelievably disorganised and they only ever seem to have two people on the tills even though there's like fifteen tills and the queue is usually out the door. ASOS cuts all this out PLUS clothes are beautifully modeled by tall, skinny, gorgeous women. Of course this is a major double-edged sword: it makes me buy loads of stuff that I most definitely would never have considered had it been caught on a fellow shopper's high heel and dragged around the floor (as it no doubt would have in store). A prime example is this dress, which I wore to my cousin's wedding at the weekend. Admittedly it was hardly going to break the bank at only £15, but seeing it modeled on her was enough to confirm that I would be buying this dress rather than donning one of the many dresses I already own (and am still yet to wear). I really loved wearing it this dress and I paired it with these perspex pointed heels - which I can only describe as being the devil reincarnated. They are literally the most painful shoes I have EVER worn, but they look pretty cool. I purchased them from this eBay seller (make sure you size up about five times!). I also wore these ankle cuffs for extra detail, plus they're almost free.

It's a shame ASOS are only planning to stock Primark for a few months. I genuinely think the high street world would be a better place if Primark stores were banned from the high street and exiled to the online world...

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8 Responses to You Are My Sunshine

  1. Lovely photos, those shoes are super cute! I wish Primark was totally online too, people just have no respect for anything in there it's always such a mess :(

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  2. Gorgeous dress, who'd have thought it was Primark? You're so right the model makes such a difference! xx

  3. Lovely dress :) I agree with you, being able to buy Primark stuff online is dangerous! xx

  4. Very elegant.

  5. Lovely outfit! I also have the bag in tan, such a great buy.
    I'd absolutely love it if you checkout out my blog.. X

  6. Such a shame about the shoe pain as they look great especially with the cuffs

    Jazzie x

  7. love the black and gold. it's my favorite combo