Nails of the Day

After a bit of an accidental hiatus (my laptop broke and I didn't know the password to the server I upload photos to), I'm finally back to blogging again. Woo! So I've accumulated a load of photos of beauty products over the last month (and a bit), so I'm going to start making my way through those.

I'll start of with saying I am absolutely OBSESSED with painting my nails at the moment. If my nails haven't got a light-reflecting shine in a really lush or sparkly colour, then I'm not happy. Initially I really loved the sparkly, iridescent purple/blue colour from MO's Splash collection (more widely referred to as 'Mermaid Tears'). I then picked 'Grape Fruit' from the Fruit Pastel collection to go with it (smells like grapes!). Grape Fruit is ok, but Mermaid Tears is a bit disappointing. I'll admit I'm not the most steady handed in the art of nails. However, even I will defend my almost-non-existent nail painting skills against the mess this varnish made. It spreads unevenly, the sparkly bits don't dry flat and it is (somehow) partial to air bubbles. Bummer - especially considering these varnishes are £5 a pop.

It looks so pretty in the bottle though...

What do you think? Have you had problems with the Splash collection? Or is it just my rubbish painting skills (it's not)?

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