You Should Never Trust the Pantaloon

Crop : Missguided | Jeans : Topshop | Shirt : River Island (mens) | Shoes : Topshop | Bag: Zara

If these photos look a little nicer than the photos that usually feature on here (understatement), then that's because they weren't taken by my little entry-level Nikon. They were actually taken by street and fashion photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce with a super pro camera that looked like it had about 3 lenses stacked on top of one other - take a look at his blog GarçonJon.

I met Jonathan at Somerset House on Sunday while I was doing fashion week street style for Hairdressers Journal and Handbag. Jonathan was taking street style photos for a competition to win a piece of Bill Skinner jewellery and asked if I wanted to be involved. All I had to do was pick a piece of jewellery to wear in the photos and help promote the brand by getting all my friends to like the photo - the person with the most likes wins. I love leopard print just as much as way more than the next person, so I naturally picked this beautiful leopard bangle - featuring an actual leopard *love*. If you're feeling very generous, you can vote for me here by 'liking' the picture.

I've been super busy/exhausted what with interning and working part time. Sundays are the only day I get off and I usually just sleep - stirring intermittently for food. No energy to blog!

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