Summer in the City

Coat: Topshop | T-Shirt: New Look | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Kurt Gieger | Belt: Accessorize | Handbag: Zara

Another new blog post, another new pair of shoes. I actually bought these studded lovelies a couple of weeks back - another frivolent purchase thanks to the impossibly tempting tasks of a fashion intern. I needed something to replace my very worn looking Topshop Vectras (yeah, remember those?!), so when I saw these in the sale I thought it must be a sign from the fashion Gods. No other explanation for it. This is an old t-shirt that I've had absolute yonks and I love it, despite not being the biggest fan of the Beatles (not because I don't like them, it's just they aren't on Spotify and I'm too used to getting music for free). In fact, this t-shirt actually landed me in a spot of trouble when I wore it to uni and my lecturer - who is, of course, a massive Beatles fan - excitedly asked me which album is my favourite, to which I replied: "err...the Greatest Hits?" wrong answer. I thought he was ready to scrap the Irish Literature seminar and give me a private Abbey Road crash course.

I wore this today (now yesterday) when Carl and I took a day trip into London. He had a couple of days holiday to take and now I've finished interning I'm bored of out my mind doing nothing, so we decided to go to The London Dungeons, which was really fun. We then wandered over to Covent Garden and had a little mooch around the shops - being sure to do some very heavy hinting in the Michael Kors shop - then, rather than go to some swanky restaurant in Knightbridge, we decided to chow down in the nearest Nandos. Yep, that's just us. All in all, it was a really lovely day. Even though my feet were freezing in my completely ridiculous choice of trouser in these subzero temperatures. None of my other jeans went with the outfit.

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  1. Gorgeous photos. I especially love the first one :)
    Lucia's Loves