You can call me Queen Bee

Jumper: ASOS | Trousers: Missguided | Shoes: Topshop | Nails: Essie in Mint Candle Apple

Next week is my eleventh (and final!) week of interning - for now, at least. What will I do with my new found freedom? Well - after I've caught up on sleep - I'll be sorting out my wardrobe. Quite unsurprisingly, working as a fashion assistant makes you want to buy literally everything you set eyes on. Great for fashion inspiration, not so great for the ol' bank balance. If you hadn't already noticed from my last post, I'm a bit of an obsessive organiser and I desperately need to throw out some of my old clothes to make room for my shiny new ones and stop my mum complaining about the mess. Say hello to these ah-mazing new shoesies which quite obviously deserve a display in my room all for themselves...until I buy the next pair. Why buy boring black shoes when you can have green leopard print heels? *love*

This is an outfit I wore over the weekend when I popped into Kingston with Carl for a spot of Christmas shopping. I hadn't actually thought about what I wanted to buy anyone for Christmas though, so we ended up wandering around aimlessly, eating lunch at Byron and drinking Starbucks. Time well spent. It was actually a really nice day - almost worth sacrificing my only lie-in of the week!

I also ventured to a house party over the weekend for Halloween. Yes, two outings in one weekend - so unlike me! If you follow me on instagram (my username is NatalieCarmen_), you would have seen the most unsuccessful attempt at a spider costume ever. In my defence, it was a very last minute costume idea and it looked WAY better when I imagined it in my head! What did you get up to for Halloween?

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5 Responses to You can call me Queen Bee

  1. Love this look! The shoes are amazing! xx

  2. Have been seeing these jumpers everywhere, I really want one!

  3. LOVE your jumper...I have seen them everywhere atm but yours look such good quality and much more luxourious xx

  4. The shoes are pretty amazing! I didn't dress up for Halloween, kind of wish I had in hindsight!
    Daniella x