Happy Camper

Last week I survived my very first camping trip. A few friends warned me camping probably wasn't for me, what with it's distinct lack of internet, electricity and hair-drying facilities. But it turns out I was really very happy to roam around in my bright orange welly boots, mismatched tracksuit and a head torch strapped to my forehead...but the less said about that, the better. We stayed in the cutest little woodland campsite complete with tyre swings and log cabins selling all manner of camping essentials (amazing how many packs of peanut m&ms you can get through in just a few days). The campsite is just outside the seaside town of Swanage, which is such a pretty and fun little town full of colour and activity.

Waking up in a clean, natural environment is so refreshing, and being disconnected from Twitter for a few days was probably good for me, but the best part of the trip: camping food. Camping food just happens to be the ultimate combination of all my favourite foods of all time; I consumed more red wine, cheese and roasted marshmallows than is probably advisable in such a short space of time. No regrets. FYI: the best marshmallows are completely burnt and crispy on the outside, and totally soft and gooey on the inside (chocolate biscuits optional, but advisable). We discovered the best ice cream parlour ever. If you find yourself in the Swanage area, make sure you visit Fortes Gelateria. They offer the best flavours: Key Lime Pie, Salted Pecan and Caramel, Raspberry and Marshmallow (featuring actual marshmallows), and Oreo and White Chocolate to name just a few.

I think it's safe to say I'm a camping convert. See you next year, Dorset! x

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