Holiday Handbag Essentials

So the ten-millionth task I've assigned myself today to avoid packing for my holiday: write an impromptu blog post about the very things I should be packing. Yep. I'm off to Greece on Monday for a week and although I'm super excited, I cannot for the life of me muster the enthusiasm to pack. Too much brain power and planning ahead required. So let's just talk about it instead. Here are a few holiday handbag essentials which I always have in my handbag from the moment I leave for the airport right up until I land back in the UK.

First up, a Top 10 Travel Guide. I find these guidebooks super helpful when I'm visiting a new city. This one is for Athens as that's where I'm going, but in the past I've bought the Budapest and Venice versions and they've all been full of tips and recommendations, from the top 10 restaurants and bars to monuments, museums and more. And it has a map. Next, a simple yet infinitely convenient coin purse. I've worked in an airport and let me tell you, few things are more frustrating than people digging through their purse deciphering between pounds, euros and God-knows what other currencies. WHAT IS THE POINT. Wherever you're jetting off to, I guarantee you absolutely will not need your Oyster card, Boots Advantage card or that Topshop giftcard you got for your birthday. I usually leave all that at home and pop my currency into my Lulu Guinness coin purse. Lip balm and nail files are general life necessities for me; I cannot deal with broken nails and dry lips, so it goes without saying that these will be coming on holiday with me. Sunglasses. A pair of sunglasses (or three) are obviously a must-have for any summer getaway and the latest addition to my collection are these heart-shaped pair from Topshop. I'm a bit of a bookworm and what with my daily commute into London, I always have a book on the go. I bought If I Stay by Gayle Forman especially for this trip, which is meant to be quite the page-turner. It's just come out in the cinema and I just hate seeing films before reading the book! Finally, I always like to have a spritz of my favourite perfume to hand when I'm in a hot and inevitably sweaty country! This is of course Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs.

That's enough procrastinating for one day. What are you holiday essentials? x

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