A Few Days in Athens...

I'm back from Greece and oh my God now I'm fat. Carl and I had a lovely holiday which was split into two parts: four days exploring the ancient capital Athens, then another four days relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Mykonos. This was my first ever trip to Greece, and I've fallen in love with the country's history, landscapes and food; a country where goosebumps are never an issue and ordering cheese with every meal is not only acceptable, but actually encouraged. What's not to love?

I've always been really interested in Greek mythology, so an eventual visit to Athens with its legion of ancient temples and museums was inevitable. I'm also not ashamed to admit I've worked my way through the entire Percy Jackson book series in the last couple of months. I was recommended by my seven-year old niece (they're actually quite good!). On first impression, I did find Athens to be a bit rough around the edges (my very handy guidebook describes the city as a 'modern urban sprawl of concrete and traffic'), but as we explored the city and got to know it, I discovered it's actually a really beautiful city with unique architecture, a huge national park, and amazing restaurants. We visited the Acropolis, Zeus' Temple and the Kallimarmaro Stadium. My favourite was Zeus' Temple, which I could have sat and stared at all day. My favourite restaurant in the city was 'Eels', they serve the most amazing halloumi I have every tried (Nandos just does not compare) and fresh bread with a delicious fresh olive spread. Mmmm. I really loved Athens more than I expected to and it was a bittersweet departure, but we were heading to Mykonos which was plenty exciting! x

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