Biker Boots


I've long been a fan of biker boots, and now that my military boots have been well and truly ruined (my dad decided they needed a bit of polish and completely undid the hard worked for 'worn-in' look I had) I've been looking around at what the highstreet currently has on offer. Besides, I think a military jacket, camo top and military boots would be a tad over the top anyway! I love how these girls from Lookbook toughen up girly outfits with biker boots and leather jackets - I especially love the studs! Daisy Street is full of studded footwear at the moment, and these boots are no exception; the stud and buckle detailing make these my absolute favourite of the three and they certainly rival the now sold out Matalan version (which I had my heart set on before *sob*). However, with winter fast approaching, the Marlo boots from Topshop are appealing with their faux-fur lining. Finally, I really like the wooden heel on the Dorothy Perkins pair, plus they have a bit of stud detailing too.

In reality I can't afford any of these (despite them being about £40 cheaper than everywhere else!) because I bought the coat I posted about last week with the Topshop 20% student discount. Maybe next least I'll be warm though!
Which boots are you favourite? x
PS. Somewhere between my last post and now I reached 100 followers! Yay! I want to do a giveaway at some point to say thank you...funds permitting! It might be a little late though...

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8 Responses to Biker Boots

  1. I love the biker boots look, especially paired with a summery dress and perhaps tights. It's a nice spin on a girly look.
    Congrats on reaching 100 followers!

  2. These are some fab choices! I used to have an awesome pair of biker boots but lost them somewhere at my boyfriend's sharehouse for uni last year, hahaha.

    x Michelle |

  3. I've been wanting a pair of biker boots since... Well... Forever.
    I adore the Dorothy Perkins pair! :)

    The Lovelorn

  4. I really love the Topshop ones! Think I need some biker boots too now :/

    Chloe x

  5. They are seriously fab! I love the daisystreet ones, the studs are amazinh!! :) x

  6. I never always know how to style biker boots
    thanks for sharing! with studs are always awesome

    jayj x.

  7. These are fantastic! I'm really in to anything studded lately too and my boot collection is way too small. I wish I had the money for these too!

  8. i love boots!!! great post! i like your blog! maybe we follow each other ? let me know :) greetings